Top Bathroom Trends of 2020

Is your bathroom crying out for a refresh? We have found some of the best trends in 2020 that we believe will totally transform your bathroom. From subtle accessories to dramatic cloakrooms we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to discover the trends that you will love for years to come.

Brass Taps and Accessories.

Brass is a great way to bring a subtle accent of luxury into your bathroom. Not only does brass provide a refined finish but it is also very durable, making it long lasting which is a great choice for a bathroom of today. Click HERE to discover one of our favourite brushed brassware accessories from UNION, Crosswater.

Statement Showers.

Making a statement in your shower is a new trend for 2020 however it is definitely here to stay. How beautiful is this iridescent feature tile from Original Style’s Mosaics collection featured below. With its popular scallop format, these tiles are perfect for creating a striking visual. With its popular scallop format, these tiles are perfect for creating a striking visual. If you like the look of this feature get in touch with us today and we can bring your bathroom designs to life!

Dark Accents.

Rich dark walls have been around for a while in the bedroom and living rooms however now it’s the bathrooms turn to walk on the dark side. Scared to take the plunge? How about adding some luxurious navy tiles into your shower or if you are feeling braver you can fill the whole room with deep greens and blues. Dark colours also pair perfectly with our top trend of 2020 and that is brushed brass accessories. The image below demonstrates this perfectly.

Extra Large Tiles.

We’re going big in 2020. These extra large tiles offer a striking and beautiful design that is guaranteed to turn heads. RAK have a wide and varied range of collections inspired by the elegance of marble to offer hundreds of designs. The marble and granite patterns displaying elegant veins create a sophisticated ambiance. RAK combines timeless beauty and the finest materials to create durable and beautiful tiles. If you like the look of RAK wall tiles get in touch with us today and we can design you new bathroom space.

Floating Vanity Unit.

Floating Vanity Units have become a firm favourite in 2020. Not only are they practical and provide you with great storage space, they also have an elegant and modern feel to them. A Floating Vanity Unit is also great for a smaller bathroom. By seeing the floor underneath it makes the area feel slightly more open. In a very small space such as a cloakroom under the stairs, having more room to put your feet can make a real big difference. Click HERE to find out how you can make your small bathroom feel and look bigger. This beautiful unit is from the Roper Rhodes Collection, available to purchase through our showrooms today!

Free Standing Bath Tubs.

Freestanding bath tubs elevate your space by giving your bathroom a more modern and luxurious feel. This freestanding tub is from Burlington. For a perfect traditional bathroom, combine soft tones of cream with elegant monochrome prints and our Burlington tub to create a luxury bathroom space.

Dramatic Cloakroom.

The cloakroom may be the smallest room in the house, however that means you can really use it to make a bold statement. Whether that’s in your choice of pattern, colour or textures the choice is endless. So go wild with the wallpaper or embrace a decorative tile and bright paints. Original Style offer a huge collection of opulent tiles to suit any space.

Marble Wallpaper.

I know what your thinking, marble wallpaper? Why not marble tiles? Well marble tiles can become quite costly and although marble wallpaper may not have that gloss finish it does look great and keeps your costs down if you are on a budget.

We hope we have inspired you for your new bathroom design. If you want to bring your ideas to life you can click HERE to visit our online remote design service or make your appointment and come and visit our showroom today!


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