When it comes to something as important as the bathroom or kitchen, ideally you want to see and feel the products. Pictures are nice, but you can’t beat getting in the bath to see how comfy it is; standing in the shower to get a sense for how spacious it will feel, or seeing in real life just what colour that American walnut vanity unit is.

We’re always making changes to our 3 large showrooms in Dorset and Wiltshire. With a total of 7 floors of bathrooms as well as fantastic kitchen departments in Salisbury, & Cleveland Road showrooms there’s space for a whole host of inspirational settings.

Sit back and relax, and take a look at the services each of our showrooms provides; The original showroom, the Salisbury showroom or the Cleveland road showroom! Delve into each showroom and have a sneak peek at some of the inspiring displays we have to show. When you’re ready to pick a showroom, check out the map provided and we’ll see you there!