Island Bathrooms Introduces: Bomb Cosmetics

Island Bathrooms are proud to introduce Bomb Cosmetics into our Salisbury showroom, an exciting range of bright, natural, fun and affordable handmade bath, body, face and shower products. Bomb Cosmetic products not only smell and feel wonderful on your skin they look beautiful on display too, ideal for complimenting any bathroom.

Made from only carefully selected ingredients, natural butters and pure essential oils Bomb Cosmetics offer only the finest products to nourish and care for your skin. We have an extensive collection of Bomb Cosmetic products on sale, here’s just a few of the best as chosen by our customers…


Beyond the Bath Tulip

Cleanse your skin with the beautiful Beyond Bath the Bath Tulip bath creamer. Classical, and pretty featuring a soft powdery scent with hints of aldehyde, jasmin, iris and spice. The rich heart mixes clove with amber, lily and peach with a complex musk finish that captures sandal, amber and vanilla. Containing skin softening butters combined with healing tea tree oil for an exhilarating bathing experience.

Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster

Delectable but not edible, the Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster is a fizzy ice-cream and soda fragranced bath bomb bursting with skin goodness, made from divine cocoa butter, pure amyris and thyme plus essential oils for an instant lift. Essences of wild fruit and red berry notes blend seamlessly with a creamy vanilla base to make a mouth watering fragrance.

Apple Cherry Choo Choo Bath

Apple Cherry Choo Choo bath is second to none. Featuring the perfect balance of skin softening cocoa, shea butters, pure bergamot, clary sage and essential oils for the perfect skin softening concoction.


Chic & Cheerful Bath Mallow

Enhance your mood with the Chic and Cheerful Bath Mallow. With beautiful essences of pure lemon and rose essential oils combined to soothe and uplift, infused with a generous dollop of pure cocoa and shea butters to moisturize and soften the skin, this luxurious bath bomb will leave you feeling revived and ready to go.

Rhubarb & Custard Bath Mallow

Naughty but nice, this yummy Rhubarb and Custard Bath Mallow is an ultimate bathing luxury, Infused with pure cocoa and shea butter, clary sage and amyris oils. Plus a fruity explosion of red berries and ripe rhubarb that leads to a heart of peaches blended with cream, with a close softened by the sweetness of caramel and vanilla.

Pina Paradise Bath Mallow

Pina Paradise Bath Mallow, an indulgent cocktail of mallow, pure butters, pure mandarin and grapefruit essential oils, with skin conditioning Nirvana. Featuring fruity, sparkling notes of fresh pineapple and oranges, the creamy, coconut heart blends peaches and almonds with a sweet finish of caramel & rich vanilla. Place your bath mallow in warm water and watch as it fizzes softly, melting and releasing its skin softening cocoa butter.


Rosehip Bath Buttercup

Rosehip Bath Buttercup features a classic, floral fragrance with nourishing butters to moisturise the whole body, with added benefits of ylang ylang and chamomile essential oils to soothe and comfort. With a soft powdery scent that captures aldehyde, jasmin, iris and spices at the opening. The rich heart mixes clove with amber, lily and peach with a complex musk finish that captures sandal, amber and vanilla.

Superfruiter Bath Buttercup

Full of fruity goodness, this Superfruiter Bath Buttercup is sure to enliven your senses, featuring the perfect cocktail of cranberries and zesty lime with supporting fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry, plum, peach, apple and cassis with hints of white flowers on a woody base. Breathe in its fragrance, and wonder as the butters melt into your bath and fragrantly nourish your body, with pure lime and clary sage essential oils.

Ripple-licious Butter Loop

Radiant and redolent, full of pure butters the Ripple-licious Butter Loop is infused with pure magnolia oil and blends of red fruits, raspberries, grapes, blueberry ad juicy pears, finishing with the sweetness of vanilla and rich caramel, leaving the skin softened and revived.

To see our full range of Bomb Cosmetics on show visit our Salisbury Showroom.



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