In the Spotlight: The GSI Ceramica Swirlflush® WC

Why would I need a silent flushing system you ask? Well, take yourself back to a night where you were silently asleep. Someone gets up to use the toilet, then suddenly there’s a hurricane in the bathroom and your rudely awoken. Exactly. Wouldn’t it be nice not to hear your toilet flushing all hours of the day? Well, GSI have just come out with a silent WC that’s so revolutionary it’s got its own registered design with its own patented flushing system. Take a look…



8d decibels quieter than a normal flush (which is around 72 decibels) the Swirlflush only emits around 64 decibels! To put this in perspective, showers are around 70 decibels and air conditioners are around 60 decibels. The Swirlfush WC also combines ExtraGlaze ceramic coating, another registered design from GSI. Extraglaze offers an extremely smooth, non-porous surface which creates a protective barrier against bacteria and limescale. When liquid touches the surface it runs right off or pulls together. Less germs are then spread on the surface and around the surface. The SwirlFlush also has a modern, quick-releasing and soft-closing seat… Something you’d expect from such a beautiful piece of modern bathroom technology. 



But the most important feature is how powerful the revolutionary drain system is. Due to the absence of the traditional rim water flow is maximised as well as the overall pulling power of the systems flush. Normally you wouldn’t need to, or think to flush down 36 pieces of toilet paper all in one go. Normal toilets wouldn’t handle this amount of paper. But the Swirlflush can and it can flush it away in around 5 seconds! Not yet a believer? Why not take a look at the test videos below which use some uncommon, yet apparently flushable materials. 



The new Swirlflush® rimless WC flushing system is currently available with GSI’s Norm, Pura, Sand and Kube ranges. Not yet convinced by the wonders of the Swirlflush? Watch us test 1 of the best toilets in the world at our showroom on Holdenhurst road!



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