How to: Take Care of Your Bathroom


We know a thing or two about bathrooms after almost 40 years in the business, so here’s some advice on how to make the most out of your bathroom.

(so it lasts for years to come!)



Our first recommendation is to make sure you install a suitable extractor fan to remove all condensation which will settle and cause mould and rust. A 5/10-minute shower can produce 2 pints of moisture in the air, so an open window is not enough to keep your bathroom dry! Early Autumn is the most popular time for condensation to form on your nice new chrome radiator, so make sure to keep it dry to stop rust from forming. You can also use PEEK CP polish or even Pledge furniture polish on the surface for extra protection.


If you have drained your central heating system to install a new radiator make sure some relevant Fernox has been re-added to your system.


If you have installed a wooden bath panel make sure you seal the gap between panel and bath with dow corning to avoid water ingress. Also, if you have cut the ends please varnish these too.


A good acrylic bath should last for years. In the unlikely event that it gets scratched, you can remove scratches with fine grain wet and dry mixed with fairy liquid. A small amount of GT compound will then replenish the shine. Please ask for further advice if you’re not sure.


Bleach, Cillit Bang, Mr Muscle, Astonish, Limelite etc are all very acidic and can damage bathroom waste, taps, seat hinges etc. So, keep these well away from bathroom equipment!


The new Isocast/polymarble or SMO basins have more flexible designs, they are better engineered than normal china-wear so they can be polished to remove scratches to keep them looking like new!


Scale is the biggest problem in hard water areas, and as you probably know, will affect your taps or shower valve. To get rid of hard water scale, simply remove the cartridges and dip them in white vinegar and water mix for 20 minutes. Thermostatic shower valves can also be affected by scale, so use the same method to clean your wax cartridge, then re-insert and re-calibrate using the manufactures instructions (if you’re not sure please call).


Use a wiper to clean down shower glass every week or so, this will stop scale build up. You can also use Vaseline to lubricate door rollers.


Tile grout can be protected after installation by coating with 2 coats of Lithium, you should ask your tiler about this! It’s an easy process which will stop your grout from discolouring and going mouldy.


Last, but no means least, your vanity unit or fitted furniture (which is usually made of MDF or wood) should always be kept dry. If water is left to lay on the surface then it could penetrate and deteriorate your furniture (which will not be covered by warranty). Make sure that you’ve also got appropriate sealant between basin and worktop to stop any internal water damage from occurring.


Need some more advice from our experts? Send us a message or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!


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