How To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Most of us dream of having a big spacious bathroom, with a separate bath and shower, two sinks and maybe even a decadent chaise to relax on in-between soaks. However we are aware that this may not be realistic for the average person of today. So we want to help you make your bathroom live up to it’s full potential by using different techniques to give it a larger look. From carefully selecting your colour palette and focusing on essential fixtures you can use our tips to make your bathroom appear twice the size.

Install A Larger Mirror.

Mirrors not only create the illusion of more space in the bathroom, they also reflect more light back into the room. Assuming your bathroom already has a mirror, why don’t you think about sizing up.

Increase Natural Light.

Good lighting is important to making any space look big and open. But in bathrooms, which often don’t have much natural light available, it is especially important. Plus it is important to have good lighting in your bathroom so you are easily able to shave and apply makeup effectively. In a small cloakroom or bathroom where you can’t add new electrical points for more lights, try changing your current ceiling light to one with multiple bulbs, this will result in you having light going in several directions.

Use A Floating Vanity Unit.

In a cramped bathroom space, it can be tricky to balance the need for storage and also the desire for space to move. A Floating Vanity Unit is the perfect answer. It gives you lot’s of storage for the daily essentials, but by seeing the floor underneath it makes the area feel slightly more open. In a very small space such as a cloakroom under the stairs, having more room to put your feet can make a real big difference. However people who aren’t tight for space often go for a wall-mounted vanity unit, this means that although you are trying to save space they are a popular furniture piece in today’s bathrooms.

Less Is More.

Decorative accessories like artwork, plants and small rugs are fun and can make a small bathroom feel warm and inviting. However they can also lead to serious clutter. And also a pain to keep dusting! So if you are a collector we suggest that you take a step back and consider cutting down. Removing clutter is quick, easy and immediately effective.

Use A Wet Room Panel.

Another great way to expand the look of your space is to ditch the shower curtains and switch them out for a wet room panel. Shower curtains tend to create a visual wall even when they are drawn open. The entire room will appear bigger instantly, especially when you’re in the shower. If you like the privacy that a shower curtain gives you then you can opt for a frosted or tinted glass panel, which will still allow a lot of light to filter through which will result in your shower experience feeling less claustrophobic.

Create Long Lines.

Whether your bathroom is a typical rectangle or more oddly shaped, there is usually a wall or area longer than the others. You should really utilise this space and use it to your advantage. Adding a shelf, a band of tiles or even a stripe of paint can really help emphasise the longest line in your bathroom and draw the eye to the widest point.

Visually Push The Walls Apart.

Last but by no means least, if your bathroom is already long and tunnel like, rather than emphasizing the length even more, consider working against the length and visually stretching the width instead. You can do this by using the direction of long elegant floor tiles, as well as a band of accent tile in the shower, to visually stretch the room for a more balanced look and a less tunnel like atmosphere.

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