How to: Incorporate Tiles in Your Bathroom

Tiles are an ideal way to finish your bathroom or kitchen. As well as completing the overall design of your bathroom or kitchen they’re also very practical because they protect your walls and floors from water damage or dirt. Tiles are easy to wipe clean so any mess created in the kitchen or any dirt left in the bathroom can be easily removed. But tiles don’t have to be limited to kitchens and bathrooms, they can be used to create a unique look in any room of your home. They’re also an easy way to update any room in your home without completely renovating the whole space. 



Tiles are often placed around or behind areas in the home which are prone to dirt or splashes. For example, around the bath, shower or sink areas to protect the walls from water damage, or in the kitchen on the walls behind the hob, sink and worktops. But if you can afford to incorporate more tiles into your design you’ll notice how much of a difference they make to the design and durability of any room.



Deciding on what tiles to choose can be tricky because there’s so much choice out there! Often you’ll see a tile you like before you’ve decided on what design you want to achieve. Or You’ll see a design you like and then have to find the tiles to go with that design. However you start you should always take a look at interior design images online to gain inspiration from other homes. This way you’ll get a feel for the designs you’d like to achieve in your home and making decisions will become a lot easier. 



Looking to incorporate tiles in your home? Whether you’re looking to update the look of your bathroom or renovating your home consider these 6 tile factors:

1. Which room will the tiles go in: Bathroom, wet room, kitchen, living room, hallway, study?

2.Where will you tile in this room: Floor, walls, wall and floors, entire room, sections, borders, feature areas?

3.What type of style are you looking for: contemporary, traditional, feature, glamourous etc?

4.How many types of tiles do you want: only 1 type of tiles, 2 different types of tiles, a 3 tile combo (Will you be using the same tiles throughout, or 2 different contrasting tile designs etc)?

5.What tile material should you choose: Marble, stone, wood effect, concrete, glass, splashback, porcelain, ceramic?

6.What finishes & designs do you want: large, small, matt, gloss, pastel, vivid colours, single colour, multicolored, patterned, mosaic, neutrals, shapes?



Need some more inspiration? Take a look at the following tile design ideas:

2 tile combos (2 types of tile designs or finishes)


3 tile combos (3 types of tile designs or finishes)


All in one rooms (1 type of tile throughout the whole room)


Creative tiles (create your own design using however many types of tiles & finishes)


Feature walls & floors (one wall or section that’s tiled just the way you want it)


Mix & match shapes (mix and match rectangular tiles with square tiles or hexagon tiles)


Need more inspiration? View our tile board on Pinterest or our tile ideabook on Houzz!


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  1. One of the most wonderful post I’ve read. Liked all the images you shared. Liked the concept of two tile combination. Will use it for my next project. Blueish color tile with sea green color is an amazing combination. Tried once for my first home and was great.

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