How to deep Clean Your Bathroom

Did you know that your bathroom is the most vulnerable place in your house where dirt, stains and bacteria can occur quickly. This means that we need to take this room seriously when cleaning. Especially at the moment! We know this may not seem like the most glamours of jobs, but we hope these little tips will help you become more organised.

Getting Your Bathroom Ready


Before the cleaning process can start it is important that you clear away all of your clutter which could get in your way. These things could include:

  • Shampoo and other toiletry bottles
  • Bath mats or towels
  • Any decorative pieces that sit on your counter tops

This has now given you a totally clear space to start working on.

Dust and Sweep

Next, you will need to dust the bathroom surfaces to remove any dirt that is sitting on top of your surfaces. Once you have done this you can vacuum or sweep the floor to remove any dirt from there. It is important that you dust the surfaces first so if this goes onto the floor you can sweep that up afterwards.

Apply Cleaner To Tougher Areas

Many branded bathroom products you may be aware of and bleach based products may be harmful and corrosive in your bathroom. However for limescale a great solution is half white wine vinegar and half part water. Avoid abrasive cleaning on brassware and other sensitive surfaces in your bathroom.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Wipe Down Surfaces

Now that all of your products and other household items have been removed, you have taken care of the dust, it’s time to tackle wiping down the surfaces! You will need to take a cloth and clean all surfaces with your cleaning spray. When cleaning your surfaces we’d always recommend you starting with your higher shelves, this means that if any dirt falls down you can clean this off your lower surfaces later. A different type of product will need to be used when cleaning your bathroom windows and shower panels.

How To Clean Your Shower and Bath

Now it’s time to clean your shower and or bath. Because we allowed the product to soak in at the beginning you should be able to wipe away all of the grime pretty easily. Use a soft cloth or sponge to do this, and work from the top of the bath downwards. If you’ve got a lot of limescale build up this will require some extra attention. If a lot of grime has built up in the grout between your bathroom tiles, you may need to focus on this. For this you can either use a purpose made grout cleaner and an old toothbrush or similar soft bristled brush. Spray your grout cleaner and allow this to soak in for about 10-15 minutes. You can then go in with your small brush to scrub all of the dirt out of your grout.

Removing Limescale

There are some areas in your bathroom that will require more attention that have a larger build up of limescale. When cleaning limescale we always suggest that you wear gloves and check whether your chosen cleaning product is suitable for this job. There are products on that market that you can buy however natural solutions that you can make have been proven to be just as or if not more effective.

To create your own limescale cleaner; grab an empty spray bottle and fill half of the bottle with white wine vinegar and mix that with an equal amount of water. Lemon juice also works instead of white wine vinegar. take your spray and spray it all over your built up areas, you should let this soak in for at least 30 minutes. Once you have let this soak in you should then be able to scrub it away and the limescale should lift quiet easily.

To remove limescale from a showerhead or tap spout it is a slightly different process. Fill a plastic bag with white wine vinegar and place it over the showerhead or tap spout. Secure it in place with elastic bands and allow this to sit overnight. In the morning give your shower head or tap a rinse with water and it should be beautifully clean.

Clean Your Toilet

The worst job of them all… the toilet! When cleaning your toilet we recommend you having a second pair of gloves and a second set of sponges, maybe a different colour so you remember. You’ll want to start on the bowl first. Grab some bleach and pour it around the entire bowl, then allow it to soak for a few minutes. Once the time is up take a toilet brush and start scrubbing!

If there’s a lot of limescale in your toilet bowl, you can use your white wine vinegar solution. Pour your solution around the entire bowl and leave to soak for 3-4 hours. Once you have allowed this to soak in, go in with your toilet brush and all of the limescale should disappear. Once you have finished, simply flush the toilet and your toilet bowl should be clean!

Mop Your Floor

Now that everything is looking beautifully clean, it is now time to tackle the floor! We have already swept the floor however if you can see any dust or dirt on the floor go back in a sweep that away before we start mopping. There are lot’s of different floor cleaning products on the market, you can find one that will suit your exact floor type. Mix the detergent and boiling water in a bucket, grab your mop and we are ready to go.

Dip the mop in the bucket and then wring it out. Start mopping the floor from the furthest point from the door, then work backwards.


How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Now you’ve got your bathroom nice and clean you’ll want to try and keep it that way.

Little & Often

The best way to keep your bathroom clean and avoid harder work further down the line is to clean regularly. Whether its wiping the surfaces more often, mopping the floor weekly or a monthly clean of the shower glass, a small amount of work will keep your bathroom products looking great and avoid the hassle of more drastic cleaning later on.

Clean Toothpaste Straight Away

One of the most common sights in basins is the toothpaste stain. These will usually develop when toothpaste which has fallen into the basin is left to dry out. That’s why it’s important to clean toothpaste from your bathroom sink straight away. This can be one of the first signs in your bathroom looking dirty.

Shower Cubby Hole

Shower cubby holes are a stylish way to keep your bathroom clutter free. However do not fill these with lot’s of products as it can quite quickly look messy and cluttered. Pop your products away after each use.

Shower Squeegee

Getting your shower glass back to its best can be a time consuming and frustrating process. That’s why investing in a shower squeegee to quickly remove any excess water from the glass every time you shower is so important.

We hope these little tips and tricks helped!

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