How to: Create a Tropical Bathroom with Houseplants

In this article, Ciara Sheridan, buyer for houseplants at Wyevale Garden Centres, looks at why more people are including plants in their tropical-style bathrooms, and how you can too!



Bringing the outdoors in has been a growing fascination for homeowners in recent years. And in 2018 we’re set to see this continue, as last year’s tropical-inspired décor heads into our bathrooms. While the trend was previously all about vibrant colours and patterns, this time around there will be more focus on deep, luscious greens: more Amazon rainforest than Rio carnival.



Why should I add houseplants to my bathroom?

One of the best ways of adding a splash of greenery to your bathroom is by working in some bold and beautiful houseplants! Not only is this a great option for those who’ve recently revamped their bathroom in the tropical style, but it’s also a smart choice if you’re not planning to remodel but want to enjoy the look of this trend.

What’s more, the benefits of having plants in your bathroom extend beyond just aesthetics. For one, they are very good at improving the air quality in your home, filtering out many particulates and outputting lovely, oxygen-rich air. Not only that, but they can absorb excess moisture and eliminate bacteria that can cause problems further down the line.

Finally, if you are trying to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, plants can help there, too. Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with greenery can have a calming effect that can boost wellbeing and lower levels of anxiety, among other benefits (Psychology Today). So, what better way to turn your beautiful bathroom into a green haven?



What types of houseplant will thrive in my bathroom?

Before you go ahead and rehome some houseplants, you need to think about what type of environment your bathroom provides, as this will affect the species you should choose. For instance, many bathrooms have smaller windows than the rest of a house, so levels of natural light can be lower. While plants that can live on just a little light will thrive, those that can’t will struggle.

You will also need to think about temperature and humidity in your bathroom. Though there will be lots of warmth and moisture when someone takes a bath or shower, your bathroom will likely get a lot colder when no-one is using it. Some plants don’t deal well with fluctuations in temperature and humidity, so you’ll need to take this into account too. Finding the right plants to suit your bathroom can take a little effort to get right, but here are some suggestions below to help you get started:


This plant is a low-light specialist that can thrive in low-light bathrooms. Bamboo doesn’t need much maintenance, either, as it’s able to take root in a container with just some pebbles and water. The only thing to remember is to keep it well-hydrated, which shouldn’t be an issue in a room with such a plentiful supply.


Orchids are flowers that really take to humid environments, so a bathroom or wet room is an ideal choice. Their favoured lighting condition is bright but indirect sunlight, such as near a window that doesn’t get direct sun through the day. Orchids also like cooler temperatures at night, so unless you are a big fan of midnight showers, a bathroom should suit them well.

Asparagus fern

Do you have a window that gets a lot of sunlight in your bathroom? Then an asparagus fern is a great pick, due to its love of bright light. Asparagus ferns also thrive in humidity, so they won’t suffer in a bathroom or wet room. You should aim to keep them moist but not overwatered for the best results.

Cast-iron plant

As its name suggests, the cast-iron plant is all but bomb-proof. It’s a great low-maintenance choice for a bathroom as it will grow just as well in low or indirect light, and only needs to be watered intermittently — simply check for the soil going dry. This hardy plant will grow well in the humid conditions of a bathroom or wet room.



If you are looking to incorporate some tropical style into your bathroom this year, you can’t go wrong with a houseplant or two. Just be sure to choose the right species to suit your home. Looking for tropical bathroom inspiration? Take a look at our latest tropical bathrooms Pinterest board or our tropical inspired Houzz Ideabook!


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  1. Decorating the outdoor in the indoor is like bringing home the lush tropical into your bathroom. Would love to go home in one tropical themed bathroom.

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