How to: Add a Splash of Colour to Your Bathroom


Bathrooms may commonly be filled with lots of white sanitary ware, but the overall feel of your bathroom shouldn’t have to feel sanitised and cold. Bathroom brands and designers are including more and more colour in their designs with colourful vanity units, bold brassware and bright baths to bring a unique and fresh feel to that cold white bathroom scheme.

Adding colour to your bathroom may seem scary and you’re probably unsure to add it because the colour might go off trend (just like the avocado bathroom suite craze), but adding colour to your bathroom doesn’t mean going overboard. Don’t think about bright and garish reds, neon greens and vibrant oranges, or complicated and overwhelming colour schemes. Think less is more and don’t focus on trends, or colours of the year, unless you love them.

Most of the time just a splash of colour combined with a few neutral colours will do the trick. Colour works wonders to bring your bathroom away from the cold feeling that sanitaryware gives and into that long awaited feeling of rejuvenation and warmth. Colour can be added to your bathroom in a variety of ways and it’s also the perfect way to stamp your bathroom with your own personal style.




Colour is a key element in interior design. It offers spatial perception and can balance different elements of any room. If you want to make sure that you’re picking the right colours for your home, to enjoy for years to come, then take some time to collect and play with colour samples, or simply create a mood board on Pinterest for an easy way to gather colours options and interior design inspiration. Also, take a look at seasonal colour palettes and see which direction you want to go in setting a mood for your room. For example, does your bathroom often feel cold and uninviting because it’s so large? Or, does it feel dark and gloomy because there’s a lack of natural sunlight?

Some colour palettes will always remain classical, and some will always be associated to certain symbols or feelings. Colour symbolism in art refers to the use of colour as a symbol in various cultures. For example, red is used to communicate danger on sign posts, but it’s used to communicate the language of love. Often the best colour palettes use timeless colours and normally involve one main colour and then a mixture, shades and tones. 




Colour is often used to create feelings of coziness or spaciousness within interior design, but it can also be used to influence our mood and even our hunger levels. Similar to how different rooms in the home can influence our moods, which will ultimately change our state-of-mind, colours and rooms are often paired together to enhance certain feelings or perceptions.  

An extreme example of how rooms and colours, when paired together, can influence behaviour is how the colour pink (specifically Baker-Miller pink) is used in prisons to calm down aggressive inmates. Project ‘Cool Down Pink’, implemented in Swedish prisons, uses the same design implementation in an attempt to calm down their inmates.

A fun example of how colour positively affects our mood is how the colour red can cause hunger levels to rise. It’s often used in restaurants to stir customer apetities. Orange can also activate hunger sensations, as well as yellow, which activates our happy endorphins such as dopamine; high levels of dopamine = an increase to eat more.



So which colours work best in a bathroom? Forget the prison Baker-Miller pink for now, unless you really like it…

  • Lilac is soothing and can create a stress-free sanctuary, which is perfect if you enjoy winding down in a bubble bath.
  • Blue is calming and soothing, it can open the mind to promote intellectual thought and can also make you feel protected. It’s great if you want ideas to flow when you’re taking a shower, or if you want to feel calm after a long and stressful day.
  • Pink, though often avoided because it’s too ‘girlie’, is also a good choice because it can be used to promote feelings of peace, leaving you feeling rested and rejuvenated. It doesn’t need to be a hot pink or baby pink. Think muted pastel pink tiles, even the slightest hint of pink will do the trick.
  • Yellow orange!, as mentioned above, activate our happy endorphins. Not the biggest morning person? Then yellow and orange could be the colours for you. They also look great in modern bathroom designs.




You may be leaning more to redecorating your walls with colorful tiles, paint, or wall panels, but there are other options if you don’t want to redecorate your entire room.

Beautiful Bright Baths: Let your bath do the talking

Waters Baths of Ashbourne allow you to personalise your bath by customising the outer shell with any colour from the Farrow & Ball colour palette. Each bath is hand painted by their artisan craftsman ensuring a perfect finish and attention to detail for a charge of £295.00 Inc VAT which, if you think about it, isn’t a lot for you to have a personalised bath (that you will love!) which is perfect for your bathroom.



Bold Brassware Accents: Let the brassware do the talking

For those of you with love for bold design, Crosswater’s Union range offers a striking red lever in the ranges exquisite knurled surface. This confident pop of colour complements all brassware finishes in the industrial looking collection and will add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. The red lever is available with all of the Union collection so it’s entirely possible to match all your bathroom’s brassware with this confident pop of red!

If you’re looking for something more colourful check out Tres tapware for bathrooms where basin taps, shower heads, shower valves and shower handsets are available in the following Loft colour finishes: violet, amber, orange, red, fuchsia, green and black. Even their kitchen mixer taps are available in the same colours!



Colour Match: Let your whole bathroom do the talking

Utopia bathrooms have some amazing co-ordinating furniture, fitted, wall mounted and freestanding, in a variety of sophisticated, classic and on trend, colours and shades. The Lustre range offers wall mounted units in sea green, powder grey, indigo and copper. The Star Range offers dramatic bursts of colour highlights. The Opula range offers sweeping lines and straight curves in three colour finishes; grey, sea green and indigo. The Symmetry range offers more colour with beautiful vibrant teal. The Roseberry range offers a more traditional style with a peacock blue or London grey finish. The Halo range offers a more contemporary feel with a wide choice of co-ordinating colours, such a denim blue and concrete grey.

Bisque have a passion for colour and exciting finishes. They believe that customers should have the optimum variety of choice when it comes to their choice of radiator. In addition to their colour range some Bisque radiators are also available to be painted in international colour ranges such as RAL or NCS colours. Fancy a pastel lilac radiator? Bisque can do that! Bisque also offer iridescence finishes for their iconic ranges, such as the classic radiator, the classic towel radiator and their hot spring radiator. The 5 striking iridescence colour finishes have a two-tone effect when viewed in different light or seen from different angles.

Doccia shower trays are also available in colours from the RAL color chart! Some you could match your shower tray to your Bisque radiator!



Powderey Pinks & Pastels: Let pastels do the talking

In modern homes and 2018 interior trends it’s becoming increasingly popular to see pastel colours. This visually calming, chromatic range balances the surrounding space to bring inner peace. The most popular pastel in 2018 is pink, a powdery pastel pink. It’s soft yet vibrant personality works really well in interior design as it can increase the light capacity in each space it’s used. It’s also highly versatile because it pairs well with various colours and finishes, such as black and gold, and even natural finishes to add a touch of warmth and emotional wellness.

Bathroom Brands such as; Fiora, Villeroy & Boch, Dansani, Bisque, Vitra, Britton, Crosswater, GSI and catalano all feature pastels within their bathroom designs, some even offer furniture and sanitaryware in various pastel finishes.



Fun & Funky Tiles: Let your tiles do the talking

Whatever the style, tiles are a great way to add a creative and colourful touch to your bathroom, plus there are many different designs to suit all tastes. Tiles will speak for themselves, so if you want your new bathroom to be creatively colourful and you’ve found just the right tiles to do the job then your new bathroom may not need any additional colour. This is helpful when it comes to thinking about the other areas in your bathroom as you won’t need to think too much about an overly complicated matching colour scheme (unless you do!). Why not take a look at our tile page where there’s plenty of colourful tiles to choose from?



Not as creative as you think? We don’t judge! There’s actually a lot to think about when you start to involve colour schemes in your home. Why not let us have a go for you? Visit an Island Bathrooms showroom when you’re next free, or book a free 30 min consultation with one of our bathroom experts and let them know you want to add a splash of colour to your bathroom! 


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