“We live in the kitchen more than any other room. We now even have a telly in the kitchen – something I’ve wanted for years. It’s more of a family room and we spend a lot of time in it.”

Mr and Mrs H had their traditional country style kitchen completely taken out to make way for a sleek and clean contemporary kitchen environment. What started as such a small idea has transformed into this ultra modern family environment with a fresh and clean finish.

Our clients were “forever catching our clothes on the cupboard handles” so we set Lee (our in-house kitchen designer) the task to provide the client with a number of other options.


“We worked together, we were in the showroom with him for 2 to 3 hours, sitting and planning it out, chopping and changing it around”


Mr and Mrs H are big fans of entertaining their family, so it was only fitting that we provide them with ample surface space. The new kitchen was designed with space saving units whilst still increasing their surface area, which has – in turn – brightened up the room.

Having the sink by the window provides a bright, open and tranquil space to wash up in and becomes the central point to bring in light and warmth to the entire kitchen. The green glass splash backs contribute to the overall wow factor and the under cupboard lights illuminate its polished finish.


before we came



And after…