“I wanted to be able to lay in the bath and watch the sunset.”


From the land that inspired Turner and Terry Pratchett, located just 15 minutes from our Salisbury showroom, we visited the G’s and their newly converted (and stunning) barn renovation; completed by Island Bathrooms in the heart of Chalk Valley.


Via a friend’s recommendation, Island were called in to help design and create three separate bathrooms for the G’s newly converted barn, and Ashley, one of our designers from Salisbury was there to help the G’s throughout the whole process; From designing to ordering, and overseeing the installation, to the creation of three separate and completely new bathrooms for this stunning converted space. The G’s wanted each bathroom to be spacious, comforting and easy to clean; mixing traditional bathroom comforts with modern practicalities, so Ashley had to navigate his way around the newly structured rooms combining both traditional and contemporary bathroom products to reflect the original structure of the barn combined with its new modern features.


Like with many other home renovations the G’s quickly found themselves over-budget, so instead of their chosen bathroom brand, good quality fixtures and top quality sanitaryware were chosen without the added price tag (Vado, in particular, were used for their excellent quality as well as price). Darker aesthetics were chosen throughout all three bathrooms to contrast against the lighter tones of the walls such as the shower panels and furniture units, in order to add warmth and welcome guests. Darker toned furniture lends a helping hand to bathrooms as they disguise dirt and watermarks, allowing the bathroom to look cleaner for longer, so there’s no need to clean watermarks off the walls after each shower! Wall hung units, in particular, were opted for over floorstanding ones offering the chance to keep the spacious nature of the rooms while adding more storage space, as well as keeping floor space clutter free… Illuminated mirrors were also added to contrast against the darker tones and to offer extra light all over, and towel warmers were added to keep the rooms extra toasty. Underfloor heating had also been considered, but due to the original structure of the floors with the beams running underneath the bathroom floors, this just wasn’t possible.


In the main bathroom Mrs G wanted the perfect space to relax, so a new window was added on the west facing side, ready for a freestanding bath to be placed in front of the window’s allowing Mrs G to watch the view of the sunset across the valley in the evenings. Gorgeous. And even though a bath was preferred over showers, shower enclosures were added in all three bathrooms to accommodate anyone who visited. Instead of choosing a traditional shower enclosure for their en-suite, the G’s wanted something simpler which was quick to install, so they chose glass wetroom panels for their en-suite which could be fitted into the original structures of the room to match the exact measurements of the walls and ceilings. Then, instead of waiting for tiles to be fitted, the G’s also decided to choose Nuance panels – another fuss free bathroom invention for less – which completely protects the divided wet room area. The panels were so easy to fit that, in the end, they were used again in the main family bathroom to go with the corner quadrant shower enclosure that was chosen, and then again in the smaller guest bathroom to go with another bespoke wetroom enclosure.