Understated elegance paired with homely comfort, rolled into one smart but beautiful kitchen.


Viewing the Cedar Manor block of flats from the outside is to be transported back to the 60’s, yet walking into Mr L’s now-transformed flat was a revitalising return to the present. Mr L, architect by trade, had worked with Lee from our Bournemouth showroom to create a clean yet comforting kitchen space – a space that transports you out of the outdated block of flats into a large and bright contemporary environment that anyone would feel at home in.
The kitchen had previously been graced with “old school” cabinets and surfaces, and the bathroom also needed re-doing in order for any possibility of a resale in the future. Being design-minded meant Mr and Mrs L already had an idea as to what they wanted to do with their space so, with a recommendation from a friend, Island Bathrooms and Kitchens were contacted and sent Lee into the mix with his extensive interior design knowledge – limitless knowledge, some would say (Lee himself).