7 Tips & Tricks to Help You Keep Cool This Summer

Too Hot? Take a look at our tips and tricks to help you stay cool and refreshed this summer!



A cold shower to cool down after a long hot day will probably be your immediate choice, but did you know warm showers are more effective at keeping you cool in the summer heat?

Contrary to popular belief, warm showers will lower your core body temperature because they increase blood flow to your skin, increasing heat loss from your body! Cold showers will drive your core temperature up because of the reduction of heat on your skin.



The same thing happens when you take a warm bath… Plus they’re the perfect way to wind down after a long hot day. If you’ve been drinking plenty of water throughout the day then there’s no harm in bringing along a chilled glass of wine too (just remember to stay under your daily alcohol limit)!



Drinking warm drinks will help to lower your body’s core temperature, the same way taking a warm shower or bath will help.

If you’re a coffee lover, grab a hot cup of coffee instead of an iced one. If you’re looking to stay hydrated, as well as cool, drink a herbal tea. Coffee can dehydrate you because the caffeine part will make you go to the toilet more often!

Hot countries with high humidity, such as Japan and Malaysia, will drink a warm cup of green tea to stay refreshed and cool throughout the day.



Grab a bowl, add some ice, and place it in front of your fan. Fans won’t make your room any cooler, but they will make you feel cooler by moving air over your skin. If you add some ice into the mix (which will act like a cool mist humidifier) this will make the room feel a little cooler because you’re adding cool moisture to the air.



Up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows, so keep your blinds and curtains closed during the day! Blackout curtains will block sunlight from entering a room and neutral-colored curtains will deflect the sunlight from entering a room.



Bathroom fans and cooker extractor fans both hep to extract hot and humid air. We’re not suggesting you leave them on all day, but they will help to remove hot air and moisture when you use the bathroom or cook inside.



It’s an obvious one but, cooking inside will increase the temperature in your home. It’s also the last thing you want to do on a hot day. Some of us will already be taking every opportunity to use our BBQs now that summer has arrived, but for the rest of you, here’s your excuse to use your BBQ every single evening.


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