20% Off Ca’ Pietra Lily Pad Porcelain Collection

20% Off Ca’Pierta Lily Pad Tiles

To welcome you all back to our showrooms, we wanted to offer you a great spring promotion. For a limited time, we are offering 20% off the RRP of the full Lily Pad Porcelain Collection. Perfect for spring 2021 and making a statement in your brand new kitchen or bathroom. The collection is available in 10 different colours, suitable for any kitchen or bathroom. The tiles are machine made and need little maintenance, making them ideal for wall installation as well as floors.  Ca’ Pietra are the designers of the original Lily Pad collection.

An iconic, Instagram-famous design available in 10 beautiful shades. Customers adore them because they can be laid in a variety of eye-catching layouts and they require little maintenance. To receive the full Lily Pad effect we suggest that these tiles are to be displayed in a bigger bathroom or kitchen, due to its beautiful hexagonal pattern. Did you know it was Ca’ Pietra’s best selling decorative tile of 2018. Here are a few of our favourites below!


Available In 10 Colours

We’re delighted to showcase this stunning Ca’ Pietra area in our Salisbury Showroom! Click here to view the full Ca’ Pietra area. 

Please note this offer will be running from the 8th April to the 31st May 2021. To book your appointment today please call Salisbury 01722 328777.

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