• 5 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs a Bidet 28 Jan 2015

    The bidet a universal fixture found in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In fact, 97% of Italian households have one yet they are far less common in the UK. There a few good reasons to own a bidet, so here’s what us Brits are missing out on and why bidets are practical and can provide excellent benefits to our wellbeing and finances.

    Many people find the idea of a bidet a bit invasive, although anyone who has never used a bidet does not realize just how excellent a bathroom appliance they can be or what they offer. Most people that have used a bidet enjoy the experience, with many who could not imagine returning to the old method of cleaning themselves after using the bathroom. Bidets offer numerous benefits and using one can change your bathroom habits permanently.

    Bidets Provide Better Personal Hygiene and Cleaning

    Although toilet paper dries the skin after using the toilet some residue tends to remain on the skin. A bidet rinses away any residue leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. There are many models of bidet available including the innovative ...

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