• What Accessories do I Need for a New Bath? 02 Feb 2015

    Selecting a new bath can be somewhat of a task, as there are many things to consider such as size, material, shape and style. The extensive choice of bathtubs available makes what seems like a  simple task a little overwhelming. Additionally, no bathroom is complete without accessories to add the perfect finishing touch, which is your next challenge. 

    If you are in the process of purchasing or have purchased a new bath, you might be wondering what accessories you might need to complete the look of your bathroom. Below you will find everything you need to know about accessorizing your bath. 

    What style of Tap will best suit my bath?

    When planning your new bathroom there is so much to consider that choosing brassware and can become a little overlooked. Opting for a stylish pair of taps for your bath can add a real sense of style to your bathroom. However, while a set of beautiful taps can make an elegant addition to your bathroom, it’s equally important to choose taps that are of good quality, durable, practical and that will last. Additionally, you’ll need ...

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