• An Essential Guide to Bathroom Flooring 29 Oct 2014

    When choosing suitable flooring for your bathroom, there is more to consider than personal styling as some very specific factors come into play: Is your choice of bathroom flooring impervious to water? Will it stain easily? Is it safe when wet and easy to clean? 

    Island Bathrooms offer an extensive range of practical and stylish bathroom flooring options that can be comfortably installed in your bathroom without compromising style, practicality or quality. With a sensible maintenance routine there is no reason you can’t create the stylish and relaxing design that that comes with Islands Bathrooms’ eye for design and practicality. So let’s take a look at each type of bathroom flooring and how it can be used to great effect.  

    Ceramic Tile Flooring

    Ceramic floor tiling differs from, say, wall tiles in that it’s design incorporates a textured surface to create a safer non-lip surface; they tend to be ½ an inch to ¾ inches thick and are available in an extensive range of colours, patterns and sizes, and therefore are ideal for bathroom flooring, being both durable and hygienic. However, it is important to pay particular attention to the ...

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