• How To Use Colour To Brighten Up A White Bathroom 27 Mar 2015

    How To Use Colour To Brighten Up A White Bathroom

    By installing a white bathroom into your home you can be sure of two things – 1. Your bathroom will not age over time and will still maintain its classic look even 10 years from now and 2. When, or if, you come to sell your house, whoever buys it will not be put off by an avocado bathroom suite and the cost of replacing said bathroom.

    A white bathroom has become a staple in virtually every household over the past decade. Not only will a white bathroom look fresh and classic but it will also provide a blank canvas on which you can create your dream bathroom. However, if the clean white minimalist look isn’t your thing and you feel like you still need a little colour in your life, then there are many ways to add colour and brighten up your white bathroom.

    Bathroom Tiling


    Whilst white and neutral tiles are still the most popular choice of bathroom tiling, if you wish to make a colour statement within your bathroom the tiling ...

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