• How to Reduce Humidity in your Bathroom 06 May 2015

    Bathrooms are damp places. Having baths and showers, washing your face in hot water – these things make for a wet environment. There are steps you can take to keep mould at bay and your bathroom looking and smelling fresh, but much advice on the internet is about what to do about mould when you have it – there isn’t a huge amount of advice about prevention. The problem is, once mould is establishment it is almost impossible to get rid of it completely, it will keep growing back. Here’s a few handy tips for you to prevent humidity and consequently, the build-up of mould in your bathroom. 

    Leave Windows Open

    One of the easiest and cheapest options to help moisture clear is to leave your bathroom windows open. The warm, moist air will disappear out the window and keep your bathroom cool and dry. There are two major drawbacks to this though. In the winter, the room could get very cold and the heat from the radiator will disappear outside along with the moisture. You also may not want to leave your windows open while you are at work – especially if it makes ...

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