• The True Cost of a Leak in the Bathroom 18 Dec 2014

    Efficient plumbing is something that we often take for granted until it goes wrong. If you have  ever been unfortunate enough to have a leak in your bathroom you’ll know just how much mess and disruption a leak can cause. However, the real cost of a leak in the bathroom can be alot more than you might think.

    Maintaining an efficient plumbing system and knowing your insurance policy inside out can make a huge difference should any issues arise. Here is a guide to help you prevent your bathroom and wallet from such disaster.

    But I have Insurance?

    Many homeowners assume that their household insurance will cover any leaks, should they happen.The event of a very bad leak can come as a big shock for many homeowners.  They may not be as adequately covered by their home insurance policy as they may have thought. Water damage is one of the things most claimed for on household insurance policies. Because water damage can be quite extensive the sums involved can be considerable. Prevention is better than cure, and maintaining an efficient plumbing system can save you both time and money in the long ...

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