What’s in a name?

Over 35 years ago, a plumber called David decided to open a little shop selling showers. But what to call his fledgling business? He looked far and wide for inspiration before realising, as many of us do, that the best forms of inspiration are often found right under our nose.

His first little shop was located right next to a now long-gone traffic island. And that’s how Island Bathrooms came to be Island Bathrooms. Much like an island (the balmy, crystal-clear water, palm-tree-and-coconut type of island rather than the grey tarmac type), a new bathroom is a place to relax and unwind in.

Now, many years later, at Island, we’re still delivering outstanding bathrooms (and now kitchens as well) carefully designed for you, your home, and your budget. We’re sticklers for quality and good old-fashioned service. We’ll only bring you bathrooms and kitchens that we’d enjoy in our homes, from brands that take this stuff as seriously as we do.

Outstanding Bathrooms

We design and supply outstanding bathrooms on the South coast of England, with showrooms in Bournemouth and Salisbury. Bathrooms in which you can relax and unwind; escape from the daily grind; get ready for a big day or night; practice your singing; perfect a new hairstyle; wash the dog after a muddy walk; play make-believe in the bath with plastic boats. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

And Kitchens

For nearly five years we’ve been creating fantastic kitchens from our kitchen department in Salisbury. We can offer a kitchen supply only or full project management service overseen by our installations manager, Barrie.